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Detailed training on how to improve mechanics, develop pitches, and fill up the zone


Learn proven in-season and off-season methods to manage your body and arm


Develop proper routines and warm-up techniques to ensure you're ready to go when it matters most


Master the fundamentals of goal-setting, self-talk, and visualization to give yourself the best chance for success on the mound


Understand the importance of throwing cycles and managing pitch counts


Create your own coaching system and philosophy based on materials used by proven, winning coaches

Plus, you'll have the opportunity to connect with and learn from like-minded, passionate baseball coaches from every level!

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Our new online support program, the Online Pitching Arsenal, promises to be a support system to our curriculum and a forum for pitching instruction, ideas and contributors from all levels of pitching and coaching pitchers!

The Online Pitching Arsenal will enable the pitcher or his coach to see drills on video (the how), understand the application (the why), and strategies (the when). Members will be exposed to programs and processes that are being used throughout baseball.  We are really excited about our Private Online Community that will be a resource for all coaches and players.  Our goal is to develop the best learning culture in baseball, a culture where we can all contribute and learn together.  This culture will allow players and coaches to be their best!

There is also a Coaches Corner that will assist all coaches in program development.  This section is more of an overall perspective on how to run a baseball program from all views; big picture annual program calendars, in-season, off-season, as well as day to day practice format and strategies.  This section will be for all coaches as well as the pitching guys.

Last but not least is our Spitball Section where we will welcome all and any thoughts, ideas, products, techniques that have anything to do with baseball.  We are going to see what people think and if an “outside the box” or better idea can be unveiled and help our game.

I look forward to working with you inside the Online Pitching Arsenal!

-Ken 🐍


Your Investment: $200/Year
Limited Time Introductory Rate = $10/Month or $100/Year
Join OPA Annualfor just $100/Year (Save $20!)
Join OPA Monthlyfor just $10/Month